Fitostemin-WP® - PLANT VACCINE
to increase the yield of all crops by 10-20%

Instructions for use: It is an herbal preparation herbal vakciner for yield increase of grown cultures (10 – 20) %. It is manufactured in a powder It is packed in an amount of 1 kg It is recommended to make two treatments: the first in a plant growth period (20-30) cm, and the second treatment (20-30) days after the first one.

The required dosage for one dusting is 100 g The powder preparation is used for dusting seeds before in a dosage of 100 g of preparation per 1 ha.

The powder preparation also can be used for a spraying over the leaves: decompose 100 g of preparation in a (2-3)l of hot water (60 °C) with constant steering (10-15) min, and then pour it into a sprayer with a rest of water, needed to spray 1 ha. It can be mixed with all pesticides and herbicides, and there is no need for a separate passing through with a sprayer.

Keep the preparation in a dry and cold place. Use best before 5 years. Fruits and grapevine spray in blossoming period, and second time (20-30) days after.
In a prescribed dosage, the preparation is not phytotoxic and it is harmless to humans, animals and environment, and 100 % ecologically pure.
From the given table can be concluded that use of FITOSTEMINWP® biostimulator on all cultures cultures is economically justified, because the increase of yields of given cultures has raised incomes for 6 to 8 dinars on every invested dinar.

Excellent results are gained in fruit and vegetable yield increase, because the incomes rose 29 to 48 dinars on every invested dinar.
Considering that territory, sowed with grains and oleaous plants is 10 to 20 times wider, it is clear that uae of FITOSTEMIN WP® considerably increases incomes.

If we have in mind other qualities which FITOSTEMIN WP® biostimulator gives to the cultivated plants, such as protein increment in grains, oil percentage in oleaous plants, digestion of sugar quality improvement of fruit and vegetable, than we can get clear picture what like and how big potential FITOSTEMIN WP® biostimulator are.
All mentioned results are upholding statement that usage of FITOSTEMIN WP® biostimulator is neccesary on all cultures, cultivated on farm. MANUFACTURER: GRAND EKO AGRAR d.o.o.

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  • Preparation is herbal derivation, harmless to men, animals and environment
  • Non phytotoxic
  • It stimulates process of photosynthesis, which increases yields of many cultures 10-20% and some cultures, in special weather conditions more than 30%.
  • For all cultures (grains, oleaceous plants, fruits, vegetables and horticultures), a dosage is lOOgr or 100ml per hectare for a treatment.
  • Seeds, treated with FITOSTEMIN WP®, increase germination, germination energy, and clustering (of grains)
  • In olaeceous plants, besides yield, it also increases percent of the oil
  • In grains, it increases protein percentage
  • In sugarcane and sugar beet, it increases percentage of sugar
  • In tobacco, besides it increases yield, it also increases randman of categories in behalf of I and II categories
  • In medicinal herbs, besides it increases yield, it also increases percent of active elements
  • In most of cultures, it accelerates ripening and reduces vegetation period for 5 to 10 days
  • It increases resistance of plants to diseases and pests
  • It enables longer preserving of harvest in refrigerated warehouses and warehouses
  • It is recomended to make 2-3 treatments, one spraying of seeds and two treatments in first part of vegetation period- It can mix with all pesticides and spray in one passing through
  • It is manufactured in a powdery and liquid state
  • The application is 100 gr or 100 ml per 1 ha for one treatment
  • The effect of the preparation was examined on many agricultural institutes in Serbia and abroad

  • FITOSTEMIN WP®- powder:
  • Spray seeds before sowing in a dosage of 100 gr on seed amount for one hectare FITOSTEMINWP® - liquid:
  • Spray leaves in a dosage of 100 ml/ha in two treatments; first treatment in 20-30 cm plant growth phase and second treatment before or during the bloom period, but not later
  • Spray fruit and grapes in two treatments; during the blooming period, and 20 days later


    In the next chart we will show economical justification of usage FITOSTEMINWP® biostimulator for increase of yields cultivated plants. Considering that recent research has shown that use of FITOSTEMIN WP® biostimulator increases yields of cultivated plants for 10 to 20%, and at some cases in specific climate conditions and agro-engineering, over than 30%, we are going to illustrate minimal 10%

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