Detoxin-V® - Vegetable and mineral preparation
to detoxify the body of animal

Besides the effects previously mentioned, the use of DETOXIN-V® as a supplement to concentrating cattle food has the following effects too:

  • immunity of animal organism is increased

  • mortality of animals is reduced to minimum

  • reproductive and battenin cattle is increased

  • daily growth of battening cattle is increased

  • conversion of food is reduced for 1 kg of animal growth

  • the quality of products gotten from nourished animals is much better.


    After feeding the domestic animals with supplement DETOXIN-V® to concentrating cattle food for 2-4 months, for breeding cattle and cattle whose battening lasts longer then the mentioned period.
    The recommended dosage of 5 kg of DETOXIN-V® per 1 ton needs to be reduced to 3 kg per 1 ton of concentrate.

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    Sansa goat breeds

    DETOXIN-V®, herbal-mineral supplement to concentrating cattle food is preparation in which there is a perfect balance between quantity of minerals and herbal extracts. It enables the cattle to secrete mycotoxins and other toxic substances through urinary and digestive tract, thus ejecting it out of the organism, thereby not affecting the useful components of cattle food.

    Red Alpina

    Detoxication of animal organism is very successfully practiced by this process, so after feeding the cattle with supplement DETOXIN-V® in quantity of 5 kg per 1 ton of concentrating cattle food during 2-4 months, the cattle products (such as milk, meat etc.) do not contain antibiotics, pesticides, hard metals, mycotoxines or radioactive particles, or all of these can be found in traces only.
    Production of completely healthy, organic food for human nutrition is achieved by this method, which satisfies all European and world standards. Concentrating cattle food additive DECLARATION DETOXIN-V® is herbal-mineral preparation for detoxication of animal organism.

    Preparation is supplement (addition) to concentrating cattle food, and it affects the following:
    • it increases immune system of domestic animals
    • it increases battening and reproductive ability of domestic animals
    • it increases utilization coefficient of cattle food
    • it reduces mortality of domestic animals
    • it reduces conversion (consumption of food for 1 kg of growth)
    • It is applied in the following way: The quantity of 5 kg of preparation per 1 ton of concentrating cattle food, that needs to be well mixed.
    Feed the cattle 2-4 months with thus prepared cattle food.

    Most important effects of DETOXIN-V® are that the products of cattle (milk, meat, etc.) fed in such way do not contain antibiotics, hard metals, pesticides, radioactive particles or mycotoxins, and thus satisfy all European and world standards for production of organic food.

    Package: 5, 10, 25 and 50 kg Keep in a dry and cold place.

    Expiring day: 5 years from the date of production

    Export - Import Novi Sad, Serbia
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    Detoxin-V®Herbal product for body detoxify of the animals
    It allows the body to the animals for themselves bind mycotoxins and other toxic substances, and through them the urinary and digestive tract of animals is excreted outside the body, and thereby does not affect the useful component of animal feed.
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