Grand Eco Agrar the company that manufactures components and the processing thereof for the production of vegetable and mineral products for use in agriculture. It also deals with the distribution and trading of these products.

Fitostemin-WP® Plant vaccines for higher yields of all crops
FITOSTEMIN-WP is a plant vaccine, to increase the yield of all crops by 10 - 20%, tested in four scientific home and gave 11-23% yield increase. Now is a unique product in the world, because no one has developed a vaccine for HERBAL yield increase.
Detoxin-V®Herbal product for body detoxify of the animals
It allows the body to the animals for themselves bind mycotoxins and other toxic substances, and through them the urinary and digestive tract of animals is excreted outside the body, and thereby does not affect the useful component of animal feed.
The largest dairy goat milk in
Europe in the field
In Dairy we expect total of 30,000 dairy cows with an average of 4 milk yield L / day.To a total daily production of 120,000 liters of milk. Production would be carried out by the French-Swiss-Italian technologies and the technology of strategic partners. In the factory to achieve a daily production of 80-10 tons of high-quality cheeses.
Truffle production in
controlled conditions
Our company in cooperation with business partners from Belgrade has developed a manufacturing process of black and white truffles in a controlled environment. Anyone interested in this profitable product can appear on:
Phone: +381 66 84 00 218