dr Ratko Kovačević's CV

Contact phone number: +381 66 8400 218
E-mail address: grandimpexco@gmail.com


  • Agricultural Faculty in Sarajevo, Department of arable, 1964

  • Master's degree in 1986. in Osijek phytopharmacy

  • Ph.D. Agricultural Sciences in 1990. in Novi Sad


  • 45 years work in agriculture in ex Yugoslavia and Serbia

  • 30 years of scientific research

  • 10 years of innovative technologies

  • Formulated, and protect trademarks for 10 biljhnih preparta for use in agriculture, veterinary medicine and herbal pharmacology in human medicine.

    I am a participant of a large number of seminars, symposiums and conferences in the field of agriculture, pharmacy, medicine and ecology.


  • Admission to the Serbian Academy of Sciences 2011.god innovation.

  • Plaque as najuspeąniji graduate in 1960. Poljoprivrdne school in Bijeljina.

  • Plaque for promoting the first academicians of the Serbian Academy innovative science graduate of the Agricultural School in Bijeljina since its establishment until today.

  • Silver Medal, for the donation for the reconstruction of Serbia

  • Five herbal preparations, the fairs of innovations received 28 gold medals and a silver medal at the International Innovation Fair in Seoul.


    A large energy potential of wind rose from Carpathians
    The so-called wind rose covers the whole Vojvodina, Serbia and the eastern part of Sumadija.
    Implementation of the project with the wind fields based on the most advanced magnetic technology - of company Grand Energy Plant of wind energy from Serbia brought half the electricity that brings us the Serbian part of the hydroelectric Iron Gate, which was really great upeh and profitable investment.
    Wind generators of
    magnetic technology
    These magnetic generarori the latest technology because they can use the wind speed from 1.5 to 40 m/s, which is over 50% of the time.

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    Energy from biomass
    Using this energy can only be accepted if the biomass is produced on degraded and non-agricultural lands.

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