Grand Energy Plant ltd.

This company deals with providing the necessary resources and introducing new technologies to produce green energy as heat and power and propulsion.
A large energy potential of wind rose from Carpathians
The so-called wind rose covers the whole Vojvodina, Serbia and the eastern part of Sumadija.
Implementation of the project with the wind fields based on the most advanced magnetic technology - of company Grand Energy Plant of wind energy from Serbia brought half the electricity that brings us the Serbian part of the hydroelectric Iron Gate, which was really great upeh and profitable investment.
Wind generators of
magnetic technology
These magnetic generarori the latest technology because they can use the wind speed from 1.5 to 40 m/s, which is over 50% of the time.

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Energy from biomass
Using this energy can only be accepted if the biomass is produced on degraded and non-agricultural lands.

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